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Our Locum of the Month

Thursday 6th October 2016

This month we are thrilled to be awarding our Locum of the Month recognition to Gemma, our wonderful Occupational Therapist from London.

Gemma has been working with us now for over 2 years and is very much a hardworking and passionate individual. In her spare time, she dedicates herself to running marathons in support of Tommy’s, a charity which funds research to try and prevent miscarriage and stillbirths.

‘She is a wonderful outgoing person. There is nothing that fazes her and she embraces every challenge.’ Says Karen, her Recruitment Consultant here at JustOT.

Gemma is a great inspiration and together we can all help her to raise money for a worthwhile cause. To donate, please click here.

As our Locum of the Month we asked Gemma a few questions about working as an OT…

Personal achievements within the role?
• Switching from mental health to commissioning and social care.
• Working with a local magazine to publicise activities in the area for older people.
• Working with senior management and preparing a report to be read by the local MP around service provision.
• Most importantly, making friends, and fitting into the team.

What do you enjoy about being a locum?
The flexibility! This is cheesy but I am the ruler of my own journey. If I don’t enjoy a job, I don’t have to hang around for 2 months to see if it gets any better. Although, I do usually stay somewhere for 6-12months, but it’s good to know there is that flexibility to move on if needed.

Most memorable moment within your career?
Being on TV with a patient for “Supersize Vs Superskinny” as a clinician for my patient who had worked really hard (although we shot a whole day of filming, I was shown for 20 seconds!)

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you take?
1.) my running shoes
2.) a good book
3.) someone who knew how to get us off the island!