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Congratulations to our Locum Sandy!

Thursday 3rd March 2016

Since joining us as soon as she landed in the UK in November, Sandy, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist from Australia has been recognised as our Locum of the Month for her exceptional hard work and dedication to her role.

We have received glowing feedback from her placement at a secondary school for children with specific language impairments as well as from her Consultant Stuart here at JustOT.

“Sandy is an absolute pleasure to work with and an all-round great person. She has done amazing to have achieved so much as well as adjusting to a new life here in the UK” says Stuart.

We thought we would ask a few questions to get to know more about Sandy…

What are your personal achievements within your role? Learning how to sign, and teaching a student to tie his shoelaces with one hand.

What do you enjoy about being a locum? Opportunity to see new places, and learn from other therapists, and flexible time schedules (good for holidays!)

Most memorable moment within your career? Not one in particular, I just enjoy it and find it so rewarding seeing the joy and excitement when a child is able to do something new that they previously struggled with! – Oh and when a parent actually ‘gets’ what an OT does!!

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you take?
1.) Water
2.) Fishing rod
3.) A Friend