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Technology is at the heart of occupational therapy innovation

Friday 29th March 2019
Occupational therapy services are using technology to help improve patient recovery in the wake of the Long-Term Plan.
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Occupational therapy services across the UK are using the technology available to them to help improve patient recovery.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) is collecting examples of innovative uses of digital solutions in the wake of the Long-Term Plan published for the NHS in England.

Digitally-enabled models of care were among the topics to be highlighted in the document, as services look for the best ways to support patients.

Suzy England, newly-appointed professional adviser on health informatics at RCOT, said: "It is in RCOT’s Strategic Intentions to ensure that occupational therapists are positioned for the 21st century, and digital tools and technologies are essential for doing so.

"We know lots of our members are already doing exciting work using digital tools in fresh ways all around the UK, and England’s Long-Term Plan for the NHS is the latest prompt for us to think about how to deliver services differently.”

She added that the move is both about how occupational therapists carry out their own roles, but also how digital skills can enable patients to do more.

As all areas of work, life and communication are becoming more digitised, it’s important that nobody is left behind in areas they want to engage with.

The RCOT is the professional body for occupational therapists and boasts a membership of more than 33,000.

It works to ensure that the profession is well-represented and aims to create ambassadors from its members.

The RCOT can trace its origins back to 1932 when the Scottish Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT) is founded and in 1936 England, Wales, Northern Ireland also got an organisation to represent them.

Written by Alex Franklin Stortford

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